Women Are Genetically Programmed to have AFFAIRS

Woman with Machete attacks 3

98 alarming facts and secrets Facebook knows about YOU

Ugly Dude Game

What to say when a girl asks about your penis size.

Straining at a gnat

100 Hottest Selfies Of All Time

Text Saves Prgesroessional Rugby Player Of Rape Ch

Child rape victim calls Hillary "Liar"

Feminist "Ghostbusters" Heading For $70M Loss

Woman Punches Man In Movie Chatter Dispute

The Smart Girl Penalty

Feminists longing for the good old days.

Everything Wrong With America, In A Photo

Why Do Modern Women Always Shit Test Their Men?

How To Get A Girl To Fall In Love With You

Trust Issues

Never Be Friends With Chicks

Why Men's Lives Get Ruined From A False Rape Accusation

Woman With String of Dead Husbands Goes to Trial

Woman, 80, accused of drugging, robbing men she met via newspaper ads

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How to earn $300 per hour (and what you can learn from this)


Racist Students

Only women get help for spousal violence, while male victims are ignored

Bachelor Nation

The Gender Gap

Outrage at the Sexist Catcalling Male Tennis Players Endure

You’re Not Entitled, And It’s Not Fair

Things I Hate

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Ex-Wife Wins Right To Sue For Alimony Twenty Years Later

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