Broken Penis

Romance is harassment

It's a Different Country

What A Butthurt Feminist Sounds Like

Beautiful Women – Mans Favorite Drug

Success isn’t given

How to earn $300 per hour (and what you can learn from this)


Racist Students

Only women get help for spousal violence, while male victims are ignored

Bachelor Nation

The Gender Gap

Outrage at the Sexist Catcalling Male Tennis Players Endure

You’re Not Entitled, And It’s Not Fair

Things I Hate

The High Value Man

Halfway Hooker!

An open letter To Rosie Batty

Ex-Wife Wins Right To Sue For Alimony Twenty Years Later

Gym Idiots: Dumbass Spotter Edition

Whiskey Dick


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The Novel and the Mundane

Christian Domestic Discipline for Beginners, Part Three: How to Discipline

Online Dating and Location

AM I DAMNED because I’m virgin OR AM I A PRIZE?

This Is Why You Don't Hire Women With Liberal Arts Degrees

Simone de Beauvoir: A Nazi, a pedophile, and a misogynist

Man Rules

What Is The Average Erect Penis Size

Mountain Is Nothing

No, Your Intelligence Isn't the Problem

It’s Time For A New Standard On Judging Rape Accusers

Open Thread: UVA Nonrape Controversy, Yes Means Yes in Action

We're quaking in our boots

World War III - The Calm Before the Storm

Champion Of Promiscuity, Or Garden Variety Skank?

Goading the Sheeple Stampede

Let’s Go Out for Coffee, She Says

The ugly feminists of Christmas

Mind over matter, the brain alone can tone muscle

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How often should I call my girlfriend on phone?



How Do You Build A Good Personality?


Does Jia Tolentino of Jezebel and the Hairpin Support Sexually Abusing Children?

In These Dark Days, Men Need The Church to Man Up

NCFM Member Naomi Evans first letter to Washington legislators re paternity fraud reform legislation

The high cost of saving money

Meltdowns and how they mould you as a man

A Story About Why You Should Never Lose Your Frame

When chauvinism saves lives

SJWs Shame One Of The World’s Smartest Men For Wearing His Lucky Bowling Shirt

The Fastest Way To Be A Failure

Last Minute Resistance

No Comment

Deny them.

The Geopolitics of World War III

Choosing the pickup strategy that is ideal for you?

Ignore women in public

The Second Amendment, in simple English

Why GamerGate Could Be A Turning Point In The Culture War

It’s hard on her, but not on her kids.

Charity Auction Software


Life Knowledge
Legal Experts: Even TOTALLY INNOCENT People Should Avoid Talking to Law Enforcement

Eyewitness to Hitler Warns: “Keep Your Guns and Buy More Guns”

Terrence Popp - Men's Issues Conference Detroit 2014

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