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ObamaCare – The War On The Contributing Part Of Society

Colorado has launched a new site aimed at promoting ObamaCare and creating the image cool & hip so that young people will join.

First, if you have kept up with this at all, you must realize that they NEED young people to spread the premiums out for the old and sick. Yes the young will pay more, and the old/sick will pay less.

Secondly, as reported before, Men will pay more thane women, though women get more benefit.

“The biggest hikes will hit the young people, where rates will jump by an average of 98% for men and 58% for women.”

So prices go up for young people (or most healthy people) and men shoulder the largest responsibility by a factor of almost 2-1.  Are we sure Obama is a man?
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Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood Roast Obama Care

It’s only funny because it is so true.

Study Shows: Many People Don’t End Up With Their True Love

the-princess-bride_soulmateA recent study shows that 73 percent of people are not with their true love. Read More →

On Men Refusing To Grow Up

Our society has done a great job of portraying men as weak, lazy and good for nothing.
I know most of these advertisements or stories are geared to selling women, and I get that there are a few advertisements that portray a woman as nothing more than a sex object or house cleaner. I get it.
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