ObamaCare – The War On The Contributing Part Of Society

Colorado has launched a new site aimed at promoting ObamaCare and creating the image cool & hip so that young people will join.

First, if you have kept up with this at all, you must realize that they NEED young people to spread the premiums out for the old and sick. Yes the young will pay more, and the old/sick will pay less.

Secondly, as reported before, Men will pay more thane women, though women get more benefit.

“The biggest hikes will hit the young people, where rates will jump by an average of 98% for men and 58% for women.”

So prices go up for young people (or most healthy people) and men shoulder the largest responsibility by a factor of almost 2-1.  Are we sure Obama is a man?

Now, lets see the adds and what they promote.


Message:  Your insurance is free (don’t tap into your beer money).

Truth: If you are the average college student your RATES ARE GOING UP.  If you are 25, don’t have a real job then maybe you will get a subsidy.

obamacare-co-adv-2Are you shitting me?  Yo Mom, my girlfriend broke my heart…

Message: Your a man who can’t handle women, golf or support yourself.

Truth: If this is you, then your parents are paying for you, and your rates are still higher that pre-ObamaCare.

obamacare-co-adv-3Your shitting me?

Workout out to stay smoking hot?  I wouldn’t touch either one of them with my worst enemies dick.  I can hear the workout balls groaning.

Message:  Eat what you want, drink what you want and you will still be a strong, powerful (er’ beautiful?) girl.

Truth:  Men are paying more so you can eat what you want, drink what you want and still have all the extra perks women get under OC.

Personally, if I won’t date you, why should I pay for your bastard spawn or birth control?

obamacare-co-adv-4According to the news:

Phil Powers, the 50-year-old Executive Director of the American Alpine Club (AAC), was severely injured in a climbing fall at Clear Creek Canyon a few miles from the AAC offices in Golden, Colorado on Tuesday, May 17.

No need to exaggerate, still one hell of a fall.

Message: You had better have health insurance – which I don’t disagree with.

Truth: Pre-ObamaCare insurance took care of him as the fall was in 2011. Secondly, as he is a 50 year old, he will pay less than a 25 year old man, but both will pay more than a woman.

obamacare-co-adv-5Jesus – Are we actually preaching some reality.  “Just graduated and waiting tables.”  Must have been a social sciences major.  There is no way this girls are surviving on Ramen noodles.  Ramen noodles and vodka, maybe.

Message:  It’s a great time to party in your 20′s, and don’t worry, we will get men to pay the extras for your health insurance…


The real world economy is poor, and your choice of a major means you will have a hard time finding a job.  Don’t worry, we will get men to pay larger premiums to subsidize you.

Truth:  Just about what the message read.


Are you shitting me again?  “Easy access to birth control…”

Message: Join OC for free birth control and slut it up.  If you do you might get a date with Ryan Gosling (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Truth:  Your going to get drunk and forget to take the pill, or you are going to take it with antibiotics, get pregnant, wake up 10 years from now wondering why you can’t buy a normal plane ticket, there are no good men left, and it is Ryan’s fault.

obamacare-co-adv-7More Feminist Bullshit – Being female a pre-existing condition?  Forget the kid thing, I get that.  Even without it you miss more work than men and men are held to a higher standard as well.

Message:  It is ok to run away with these girls, since they have medical insurance and you can get them pregnant and their insurance covers all the bills.

Truth: Except for the Co-pay part, and the child support part after birth… that, you still owe.

obamacare-co-adv-8Message: Young men are idiots who will take moronic chances while being wild and crazy.

Truth: His budget would probably stay balanced as the healthy and contributing part of society – men and women – would subsidize his moronic behavior.

obamacare-co-adv-9Let’s hope he is easy?  Really?

Message: Your doctor bills and birth control is covered, so go slut it up.

Truth: Just what the message is…

obamacare-co-adv-10This is about the only advertisement that makes sense.  Life is about taking risk – calculated risk.

Message: Go, be an adventurer.  Push the boundaries.  Make sure you have health insurance to cover any accidents.

Truth: Go, be an adventurer.  Push the boundaries.  Make sure you have health insurance to cover any accidents.  Just realize you will pay more under ObamaCare than you would if you had just gone and got it yourself.

obamacare-co-adv-11Message:  Anytime the young one has a sniffel, go to the doctor, the bills are paid.

Truth: Young men, and to some extent, young women, will subsidize your health plan so you can take your child to the doctor, even if it isn’t really needed.
Siegel told the Hannity viewers on Friday (9/20/13):

…Studies show that people use the emergency room unnecessarily when they have that kind of insurance. So we’re clogging the ER’s with people who don’t need to be there. The hospital is making less. ER’s are shrinking. …So the people who have heart attacks, really need to get taken care of, can’t get in to be seen because the ER’s are clogged with people with insurance.

obamacare-co-adv-12Message: These “tough” outcast of mainstream society have insurance because they love to bloody and bruise each other.

Truth:  That probably is the truth – and don’t forget mainstream young men and women, you get to pay for the difference in their health with increased premiums.



obamacare-co-adv-13Doesn’t car insurance offer medical insurance for wrecks?  Why, yes some do.

obamacare-co-adv-14The last too aren’t to bad – for men or women.  Either gender could have been displayed without degrading the message.

obamacare-co-adv-15And we are back to showing young women partying it up.  Ladies, you are able to have more fun shots as the government forces men to act as indentured servitude.

Indentured servitude was a form of debt bondage, established in the early years of the American colonies and elsewhere. It was most used as a way for poor teenagers in Britain and the German states to get free passage to the American colonies. They would work for a fixed number of years, then be free to work on their own. The employer purchased the indenture from the sea captain who brought the youths over; he did so because he needed labor. Most worked as farmers or helpers for farm wives, while some were apprenticed to craftsmen. Both sides were legally obligated to meet the terms, which were enforced by local American courts. Runaways were sought out and returned. About half of the white immigrants to the American colonies in the 17th and 18th centuries were indentured. Living conditions were similar to children of the employer, but the death rate was higher because of exposure to new diseases.


obamacare-co-adv-16Decent advertisement and could have been used by either gender.

obamacare-co-adv-17It’s pretty obvious they have seen more wine than the gym.  I am really disappointed at all the advertisements that show young people “being cool with liquor and health insurance” as a way to try to get young people to join ObamaCare.  They DO NEED young people, especially young men (due to their higher premiums) to join to keep the cost lower for everyone else.  The farce is it won’t be these girls that get the “government subsidies”.  Those will go to poverty level women with bastard spawn.

obamacare-co-adv-18See above – this is an old meme by now.

obamacare-co-adv-19Accidents do happen, and kids can be really stupid.  Not enough information to tear into this without more information, but I have a sneaking suspicion it is to speak to minority, single moms.  Outside of the elderly or sick, this is likely to be the biggest sponge off of OC>

obamacare-co-adv-20More feminist drivel.  Likely they got into a fight over a boy – and he actually like a much cuter girl.  Not to fear, other young men will help subsidize your cat fight.

obamacare-co-adv-21This is another one that I think is speaking to young, single moms.  The drain.

So who is behind this site?

It is a protected “WHOIS” site.

Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.name.com 
Registrar URL: http://www.name.com 
Updated Date: 2013-10-02T21:00:30-06:00 
Creation Date: 2013-10-02T21:00:30-06:00 
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-10-02T21:00:30-06:00 
Registrar: Name.com, Inc. 
Registrar IANA ID: 625 
Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@name.com 
Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.17202492374 
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited 
Admin Name: Whois Agent 
Admin Organization: Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. 
Admin Street: PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1  
Admin City: Bellevue 
Admin State/Province: WA 
Admin Postal Code: 98007 
Admin Country: US 
Admin Phone: +1.4252740657 
Admin Fax: +1.4259744730

The liberal activist group, Progress Now Colorado Education, joined with the health advocacy group, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, to launch the “Got Insurance” campaign modeled on the famous “Got Milk?” ads.

Personally, I get the idea of an edgy and “cross the lines” type of advertisement to get attention and create a buzz.  There are three things that really bother me though:

1) ObamaCare is going to place the largest burden of premiums squarely on the backs of men, specifically young men.

2) I am all for helping the sick and needy – unless they choose to be that way.  I don’t think it is any man’s responsibility to subsidize birth control, or any other gender specific medication or malady UNLESS he chooses to do so via wife/girlfriend/partner.

3) For most of the men and women in these advertisements, the activities they are promoting with insurance are why these groups are so expensive to insure.  They are high risk due to their lack of planning and/or not caring.  I personally do not want to be financially responsible for every single mother, or “dude” douchebag that makes stupid decisions and wants us to pick up the tab.

Enough is enough.

The good news is, the site is likely going to take a LONG time to fix, and not too many people are signing up.

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