Study Shows: Many People Don’t End Up With Their True Love

the-princess-bride_soulmateA recent study shows that 73 percent of people are not with their true love.

“The study conducted by Siemens Festival Nights found that as many as 73 percent of people surveyed say they are “making do” in their relationship because their true love got away.”

For those of you reading, there is no “One True Love”. Typically people remember the mate that had higher value and left because they decided they could do better. Or the person they were very attracted to but they didn’t have the courage to even try to be with.

One point that I picked up was that of “making do” and what that implies. A key for any man to understand is that time will always lower your value in a relationship with a woman, simply because you will not be able to maintain the “mystery” factor. So even if you start off as a “soul mate” to her, over time she will lower her appraised value of you. You can still maintain high value, but it is hard to maintain that initial jolt of lust she has when she first meets you.

The article goes on to quote these rather typical quotes:

“The ‘making do’ part is sad, in the sense of, we’re not really tapped into, ‘Why are we in this, what are we looking for long term, and what do I really desire?’” said relationship expert, Kavita Patel.” Patel said people settle for many reasons, from fear of being alone to wanting security and comfort with another person—anyone.”

Now this is true. I have seen people go from one long relationship to the next. Jump right out of marriage and straight into living with a new person. These people are the ones that bring unachievable expectations into a relationship, and as soon as they learn there is no way the current person is going to meet their demands, they dive for the next lover.

“What’s worse, 17 percent of respondents said they met their soul mates when it was too late — after they were already paired-off or married.”

“And 46 percent say they’d leave their spouse or partner to be with their true love.”

“I would hope that people would fight for their one true love,” said one woman.

Ahh, the romance minded woman hopes that people would fight for their one true love. But if you feel she is your one true love, and she thinks you are a creep, then fighting for her will likely get you a restraining order and a stalker label.

There is an upside to these statistics though. 17% said they met there soul mate when it was too late and another 46% said they would leave there current partner if they met a true love.

And yet I stand firm, there is no such thing as a soul mate. There is attraction and clicking, getting along and lust. But not a soul mate. There may be people you are really attracted to that are not attracted to you, and vice versa, but no soul mates.

The deeper you understand this, the easier it is to achieve what you want out of life.

Think about it, 73% of people – male and female – said they were not with their soul mate. So for every 10 girls you meet, 7 of them do not believe they are with the right man. 7 of them.

Want to know how what makes a woman cheat? What to steal her from her boyfriend? Be the “right man”. And you do that by learning everything you can about being Alpha and increasing attraction. Demonstrate your high value with her and you can become the one that she sees as her soul mate.

As a side note, you should never tell her you don’t believe in “soul mates” – that steals the romance side of her mind away from fantasizing about you. Instead tell her “you have heard the thunder a few times, but never felt the lightening.”

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